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Time Initiative of Maine

Join interest group for Tiny House Lovers!

Due to member interest, we are using a unique feature of our software to create a sort of "timebank within a timebank" for those interested in tiny houses called "Tiny House Lovers." By checking a box in your account, an easy way of searching and communicating with other kindred spirits is easier! If you would like to talk about, share plans, learn more, help build, get help, provide land, or simply connect to the tiny house movement, this link will help you. Here's how it works:

  1. In your profile, under "Connections." Click "Edit Connections." There are two tabs, "Affiliations" on the left, and the right tab "Communities." Click and you will see check boxes for communities within TIME. Check box for "Tiny House Lovers." Scroll down and Save Changes.

  2. After that, if you post a request or offer that relates to tiny houses, you can check the box to alert other tiny house lovers especially.

  3. You can use filters in member searches to find all tiny house lovers, and send messages to multiple members if desired. Once a group conversation has been started, you can reply to the group and keep the conversation going.

  4. You can create offers and requests that show under "Tiny House Lovers" by checking the box "Visible to Tiny House Lovers" to target your skills and needs regarding tiny houses! (you can also make visible to the whole timebank as well)

  5. Self-organize and ask for help from coordinators if needed (click envelope icon on top right of any Community Weaver page)