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Time Initiative of Maine

Community Weaver Version 3.1.10 has been released

We now have a new version of Community Weaver, version 3.1.10 and this version has some new features for both Coordinators and members. 

Unfortunately the new release of Community Weaver, version 3.1.10,  includes a bug that often prevents timebankers from recording an exchange.  When you:

  1. click on "Record an Exchange"
  2. choose to be the provider or recipient of the service (Step 1)
  3. choose a timebanker as the other partner in the exchange (Step 2)
  4. click on "Next step

you will often be shown a "Page not found error" and cannot finish recording the exchange. Our developer is working on a fix for this issue, but until it is available there is a work-around for you.

When the "Page not found" error appears, in your Internet browser:

  1. click in the browsers web address (URL) field and then
  2. hit enter on your keyboard

CW should then take you to the next step for recording the exchange. Please note that this work-around has worked for a number of timebankers, but may not work for all. Please let us know if you still have difficulties after trying this work-around. Time banks USA is working on correcting this problem as soon as possible. 

There may also be other problems that you may encounter with this new version of Community Weaver so please let us know if you experience any difficulty so we can inform time banks USA. These types of problems are very common with software updates and are usually fixed quickly once the developers are aware of the problem.