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Time Initiative of Maine

Wheelchairs and bathrooms! Aghh!

From our member Sandy Mathieson, who lives in Palermo:

"Belfast, Maine to Augusta, Maine and those spots in-between, if you are in a wheelchair and need to use the facilities then this information is for you. The new hospital in Augusta - Maine General Hospital has two bathrooms that have vertical grab bars: one located behind the information desk and the other one just outside of the cafeteria. The Hannaford Supermarket in South China and in Belfast has a vertical handbars, The MacDonalds, in Belfast and Walmart in Augusta have vertical handbars and are the only two places that a wheelchair and a worker can fit, Most of the bathrooms that states they are wheelchair accessible are not. If you get into one, someone either has to close the door for you or remove your wheelchair so that you can close the door.

It is time for the public to educate businesses. If they want our business, they make the bathrooms truly accessible."

How would you like to educate businesses?