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Time Initiative of Maine

The Tale of Martina McTripaw

Our member Sandy writes: "My niece just wrote a children's book about standing up to bullies and being proud of who you are. The book is called "A Tale of Martina McTripaw" by Rachel Levy and illustrated by Lynda Mangoro, sold at Amazon."

The Tale of Martina McTripaw:

"Martina McTripaw loved hanging out with her friends at the dog park - until the Tripoli triplets started picking on her, just because she was a little bit different from her four-legged friends. With the help of her wise counselor, Dr. Earl Grey, Martina learns to be proud of who she is and stand up to the bullies - just in time to return to the dog park and celebrate the birthday bash for her dear friend, the Goldmeister General. Featuring an afterword from Dr. Earl Grey, resources for children and adults, and discussion questions for adults and children on the subject of bullying."

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