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Time Initiative of Maine

Welcome to the Time Initiative of Maine (T.I.ME)



T.I.ME was launched in 2008 as a community exchange system for individuals and groups in Maine to gather resources, seek abundance in community, and improve the quality of life for its members. As members, we strive to follow the core values of timebanking:

ASSETS: Everyone has something of value to contribute.

REDEFINING WORK: Some work is beyond price.

RECIPROCITY: Encouraging givers to receive, and receivers to give, weaves the social fabric of community.

COMMUNITY: We are stronger together.

RESPECTRespect flows from reciprocity and is the root of equality.


For Individuals

"Neighbors helping neighbors" is a core pursuit of T.I.ME. We encourage all generations, backgrounds and as much diversity as possible. Anyone and everyone can benefit from membership. Exchanges between individuals may grow to group efforts, to community projects, to models of social change, and to global transformation. It all starts with You and I.

For Groups

Any organized or informal group may join the Time Initiative of Maine. This includes unnamed groups, clubs, churches, non-profits, businesses, social and governmental agencies and educational institutions of all types. Services are exchanged between other groups and individuals. All exchanges are credited and debited to the group and are non-compensatory. If you think your group might benefit from timebanking, contact Stacey at

Money Talks! What's It Saying?

No Ifs, Ands, or Buts in Timebanking

Barter says, “I’ll do this for you if you do this for me.”
Barter says, “I’ll do this for you and you owe me.”
Charity says, “I’ll do this for you but I don’t need you to do anything.”

Timebanking says, “I’ll do this for you. Please pay it forward.”

Money market says, “The market might value you if your talent is scarce.”
Nonprofits say “We love you and wish we could help you. You deserve better. There’s just not enough money.”
The economic system says, "Shareholders and owners count, but human and natural resources are abundant and should have the lowest value possible for maximum profit.

Time banking says, “We are all assets. We all get 24 hours in a day.”
Timebanking says, “If there’s not enough money, make some. We invented it and we can change it.”

More Information

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