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Time Initiative of Maine

Apply for membership in Time Initiative of Maine

Membership Requirements

Members of TIME are required to:

  • Complete orientation
  • Provide legal identification to a coordinator
  • Disclose felony convictions and guilty pleas stemming from felony charges
  • Provide 2 references (people known for 3 years or more, one may be a relative)
  • Provide accurate information regarding abilities and experience
  • Provide certificates/licenses for "professional" services requiring such documentation
  • Monitor accounts regularly
  • Offer at least one service in "Timebanker's Talents" listings
  • Treat all members with Respect, actively listen, and never demand services
  • Return messages from other members within 72 hours or less
  • Review changes in terms of service as notified upon login; further use of this site indicates agreement to all changes
  • Review changes to these membership requirements that may change without notice; further use of this site indicates agreement

Members who offer transportation are required to:

  • Provide 3 year driving record to a T.I.ME coordinator before offering transportation
  • Maintain a safe and legal vehicle with liability insurance

Members are encouraged to:

  • Post detailed Offers and Requests; the more info the better
  • Both give and receive time in Reciprocity. There can be no Respect without reciprocity
  • Gather with neighbors nearby
  • Report any problems to a coordinator
  • Dig deep into hidden talents
  • Think of community needs, not just oneself
  • Participate in group projects
  • Record all work done for members and non-members
  • Serve as an ambassador for TIME; more members are more assets
  • Set aside time to help TIME in some way
  • Donate to TIME, even if only a small amount

Members should not:

  • Accept or offer tips
  • Accept or offer debit cards and PIN numbers
  • reveal the contents of this site or information about members to non-members
  • record hours between members of a household
  • solicit help from members on behalf of non-members (instead, encourage the nonmember to join)
  • demand services